Our origins begin with the company 'Papeteries Vérilhac Frères', which was founded in Lyon, France in 1932 by brothers Henri and Robert Vérilhac. Coming from a family who were paper experts,they started trading this commodity in France, then expanded to the countries of North Africa. Using their knowledge of notebooks and stationery in 1934, they started manufacturing and selling the first RHODIA®-branded notepads. Not ones to rest, they worked hard to create new designs and expand their collections over time. In 1997, RHODIA® became part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine group and production was relocated to Mulhouse, near the Swiss border.

Usine de production Rhodia


RHODIA® notepads deliver many things; Quality and irreproachable finishes with real paper expertise. A combination of inventiveness and innovations (with water-resistant, foldover covers, 'sangrif' technology and micro-perforated tear-off sheets). Traditionally orange & black whilst explosively colourful. Dynamism and elegance. It is these componants which create the very essence of the RHODIA® notepad, a traditional yet contemporary object since 1934.

LE Bloc Rhodia


For 85 years, this logo has been central to our the RHODIA®’s development. It was found on our very first product, the classic orange pad, and is instantly recognisable, the fruition of France’s finest stationery expertise. It serves as the root of all product development and our designs that are created today as we adapt to the needs of today’s ever-changing lifestyles. Every year RHODIA® is selling millions of notepads in 90 countries worldwide!

Rhodia Made In France


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