l'icône Rhodia


Who would have thought that a small orange stapled notepad with an unusual logo featuring the outline of two fir trees would travel all around the world? In 2019, RHODIA® celebrated its 85th anniversary, however RHODIA® is more than a flagship brand that can proudly claim to have weathered the decades without showing its age. It is an iconic brand that has a following of enthusiasts all over the world and established a genuine relationship with its customers. The secret of RHODIA®'s longevity is simple. It's a name, a logo, a style, an emblematic product, all of which are the results of a clever blend of expertise, tradition, inventiveness and modernity.

Logo Rhodia


The RHODIA® name is derived from the Rhône River near where we were founded. The people from this region who helped create the first notepad are known as Rhodanians, which is reflected in our brand name. Our logo provides a direct link with the industry, with the two joined fir trees symbolising the company’s founding brothers, Henri and Robert Vérilhac. This logo was reportedly drawn spontaneously in a single stroke by Henri Vérilhac’s wife Antonia, as if it was already accomplished. This icon still embodies the essence of the brand, to such an extent that RHODIA® is often referred to using the figure of speech "the brand with the two fir trees".

L'histoire Rhodia


RHODIA® presents a style that is authentic and timeless, one that has been unmistakably distinctive ever since it was created. Our core product, the notepad, was the result of a simple idea: create a unique, practical, universal product, which requires a knowledge of expertise, innovation and design. For over 85 years, RHODIA® has been proud to uphold the excellence and worldwide reputation of stationery made in France and Europe.


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